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Breizh Poellrezh SF - Douarañ Santel

Brocéliande, sacred land....

                                                   Land of legend and reality.....

Land that comes from the dawn of time but has kept its identity, roots, colours and secrets. Brocéliande is a natural site of 7000 hectares. A well preserved site where you may come across deer, hikers ... but also, who knows, King Arthur's Knights in search of the Holy Grail?

In Brocéliande you'll find ancient, magical places such as the Val sans Retour (Vale of No Return), in which unfaithful knights were kept prisoners by Morgan the Fairy, or the Barenton Fountain, which is said to have the power (still today) of causing tremendous storms .... Yet beware the fountain's guardian, the terrible Black Knight!

But above all, Brocéliande is the very source of well-being, the ideal place for recovering your energy among the trees, lakes and lovely little villages ...

If you are lucky enough to have spare time to spend here, you'll have a good chance of meeting a story-teller, a harpist or even an enchanting fairy, floating on the silver surface of a pool ...

You will infallibly enjoy those unusual encounters, and be delighted by the morning sun shining through a light mist, or the full moon making night walks as easy as day strolls ...

Come and take a rest under a tree, until Vivian and Merlin visit you in your dream ...

Come and visit the high place of Brocéliande (Comper, Trécesson, Paimpont Abbey,

Church of the Holy Grail in Trehorenteuc) ... They will take you back in time, plunge you into the

Arthurian Quest and the marvellous universe of age-old folk tales ...

TREHORENTEUC “Rural Heritage” community.

Starting point of numerous walking circuits, some of which are suitable for mountain bikes. (Maps available at the Tourist Office) The church, known as the Grail Chapel, can be visited when the Tourist Office is open (guided visits are possible, and highly recommended if you want to understand all the symbols). From 1942 to 1962, Reverend Henri Gillard undertook to revive the parish community and restore the church, whose works of art link Christian faith, Celtic tradition and Arthurian legends together - the Holy Grail being at the centre.

Reverend Gillard's books available at the Tourist Office.

The old presbytery is now used for tourist accommodation (up to 31 persons, "Rando Plume" label). Exhibitions at the Tourist Office all year round. Restaurants, grocery, bars. Covered Picnic area.

LE VAL SANS RETOUR (VALE OF NO RETURN) - Sunken valley, nice 3 or 4 km long walk.

From the village centre; go to the third car park.1st car park: lavatories. 2nd car park: close to the old Manor House. 3rd car park: picnic tables. 300 metres walk to the wooden barrier. After that barrier you'll see a stream (the Rauco), a cascade, and the Golden Tree or Gold of Brocéliande. 50m further, there are benches accessible to people in wheelchairs, on the banks of the "Miroir aux fees' (Mirror of the Fairies). Walkers can go along that lake, then along the stream up to the 2nd lake. After crossing the small bridge without a guard rail behind the lake on the left, climb the rocks up to the crest (about 150m climbing) and follow the path ... until you discover Merlin's Chair and the Rock of the False Lovers.

LE JARDIN AUX MOINES - Megalithic monument dating from 2 or 3000 years BC (Neolithic age)
 From Trehorenteuc, head towards Mauron, take the 1st road to the left then follow the path on the same side as the car park.

MAURON – “Floral town”
Around the church there are ancient houses whose door leaves date from the 16th century. The Cultural Office presents numerous shows, concerts, plays, and includes a Media library. There are sports and leisure facilities (swimming-pool. tennis courts. climbing wall ... ) and a range of shops and services available (garage, hotels, restaurants, Band B, "Rando Plume" tourist accommodation for up to 16 persons). Behind the library is parking and servicing area for camping-cars ( enquiries: + 33 (0) 2 97 22 60 24). Walking and mountain bikes circuits: departure from the town hall.

THE GREEN WAY (Voie Verte) is a track where only human-powered travel is allowed. Suitable for people of all abilities: walkers, cyclists, skaters and people in wheelchairs. Running from Mauron to Questembert the Green Way is made of a 3-metres wide path covered with a special coating for cycles and roller skates and a 1-metre wide sandy surface for runners. You’ll enjoy the luxuriant nature, safe paths and clear marking.

SAINT LERY - "Village of Character".

15th-century church with a remarkable porch (listed monument) and a clock without numbers and needles. River La Doueff. Low-cost campsite with 10 places. perfect for young people. open from the 1st May to the 15th October. Information/reservation : + 33 (0}2 97 22 68 76. Picnic tables next to a small lake.


Go through the hamlet of Folie Pensee up to a large car park. Then follow the oak's leaf symbol, about 30 minutes of walking. The Barenton Fountain is the place where Merlin first met Vivian and where Yvain (aka "the Knight with the Lion") fought against the Black Knight. Be careful not to spill some of its boiling but cold water on the flat stone! Something awful might happen ...
The Morgan Fields (Champs Morgan): to the left of the Barenton car park.


10 metres in circumference. Accessible to wheelchairs. Car park. picnic tables. Please show respect to that very old tree!

Red schist houses with outstanding architecture. Hotel-restaurant. shops. Camping with 80 places open all years round: "Le Val aux Fees" (Vale of the fairies). Information and reservation: +33 (0)2 97 22 64 82. Picnic tables near the camping's entrance (free access at all times).


Beautiful park and lake. "Centre de I'Imaginaire Arthurien" (World of Arthur Centre). Exhibitions on Arthurian legends. Medieval events and entertainment. TellFax: +33 (0)2 97 22 79 96. Open from the 151 April to 15th October. In April-May-June and Oct., open from 10 am to 5.30 pm. closed on Wed. Tariff on request.

Tombeau de Merlin and Fontaine de Jouvence - (better appreciated if you know the legends): go toward Saint-Malon-sur-Mel • take the 1st road on your right and go on for about 4kms . From the car park. follow the oak's leaf symbol.

After that you can go to PAIMPONT and visit the Abbey (the Treasure is visible all summer and by prior arrangement). Exhibitions and concerts during the summer. Nice walking circuit along the lake leading to the Virgin Grotto.
On the way to CAMPENEAC you'lI find the megaliths called The Giant's Tomb and Vivian's House (car park at La Touche Guerin): the Chapel of St Jean (16th c.) founded by the Order to St Jean of Jerusalem and devoted to St Comely; St Appolyne Fountain (matron of dentists); Château Trecesson (outside visit only) built in the late 15th c. by Jean de Trecesson, Breton High Constable. In the church of Campeneac you can see a statue of the devil under the pulpit. ..

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