Breizh Poellrezh SF - Douarañ Santel
Breizh Poellrezh SF - Douarañ Santel

Whether you live in Breizh, have a second home here or are just on holiday we are here for you, to make your time with us as relaxing and enjoyable as possible, be it a holiday, short break, business, or property viewing.

We have provided a guide on living and working in our beautiful country, whether you're after information on heavy duty issues such as the health system or simply want to indulge in our way of life as well as providing the usual tourist assistance with routes, maps, hotel information, guides to towns and villages, places of interest to visit.

If you are considering bringing your pets - we have a section devoted to travelling with pets.

Another section is all about buying and renovating property and how to avoid the pitfalls

We would also love to hear from you – so whether you have a story to tell about life in Breizh, or ideas for new topics please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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